1 Day Only!
The Vitality Summit

FREE One-Day Only Virtual Summit to Empower and Equip Women 40+ with the "User's Manual" to Revive Their Vitality - and THRIVE!

Do You Remember...

  • When you felt limitless? 
  • When you were full of energy and loved being in your own skin?
  • Before your body betrayed you, and the doctors blamed you?

Would You Like to Know How to Feel That Way Again?

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Tuesday, April 25, 2023
8am-12pm PST
(Replays Available)
Sheila Keilty
The UN-Diet Coach
& Mind-Body Transformation Specialist
Only 150 seats available & 25,000+ invited!

Walk Away with a "User's Manual"
For just a few short hours, we’re pulling back the curtain and providing the wisdom, resources, techniques and the tools you’ll need to walk away from this event with the “User’s Manual” you’ve been searching for to put into practice RIGHT AWAY!

Come to "Thrive+Revive! The Vitality Summit" on April 25th!

We’ve gathered the top names in women’s holistic health and wellness all in one place on one day to not only share their expertise but answer all your burning question on topics like:
  • Reviving Sagging Facial Skin - Without Surgery!
  • ​Learning to Love What You See in the Mirror
  • ​Hormone Balancing
  • Mind-Body Balance
  • ​Diet-Free, Permanent Weight Loss
  • ​Self-Care
  • ​Gut Health & Emotional Wellbeing
  • ​The Secret to Aging Well
  • Successfully Negotiating Your Mid-Life Transformation
  • ​Multiplying Overall Happiness & Fulfilment
  • ​...AND MORE!

You Get to ACTUALLY Ask the Experts!!

It’s not just presentations and talking about topics – we’re inviting you – the audience – to ask ANY and all burning questions you have on the various topics we’ve put together. Talk directly to the panel of experts and get your "head scratchers" and puzzling questions handled – once and for all! 

 We're gathering the panel together to respond to your questions - LIVE! 

 Here's Who You'll Be Talking With:

Sheila Keilty, Un-Diet Coach & Mind-Body Transformation Specialist
“The Profound Power of Mindset in Developing Change that Lasts a Lifetime”
Founder of The Mind-Body Reboot Method, Sheila empowers women to develop an effortless relationship with food and their bodies for a lifetime of optimized health and wellness. After losing over 130lbs – and keeping it off – Sheila has dedicated her life to helping other women to regain their vitality and bright futures! Her passion is to empower women of every age and ability level to thrive and make authentic choices and to live vibrantly with purpose and confidence.

Laini Gray, Functional Health Practitioner and Hormone & Gut Health Expert

"Understanding the Role of Hormones in Weight Management, Health & Longevity"
Laini Gray is a Functional Health Practitioner specializing in women’s hormones and gut health. She helps busy, health minded women take control of their hormone health so they can feel better, have more energy and enjoy life to the fullest and teaches them how to take control of their health through healthy living strategies. Her mission is to educate and empower women to take control of their health, hormones and mindset to live confidently in their body and live their life with purpose and joy!

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Holistic Living & Wellness Expert for Women Over 40

"The Role of the Gut Microbiome & Its Effect on Your Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health."
Lynnis is the Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness, a faith-based mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women over 40 through her coaching programs, e-books, DVD’s, radio programs, webinars, a digital magazine, and a podcast/video series. Her dedication and passion about gut health and its connection with our mental health and emotional wellbeing was forged in her own transformation and life experiences, and the solutions she provides are deeply grounded in the latest science and holistic healing practices.

Tracy Seider, Pain-Relief & Body-Shape Exercise Specialist for Women 40+

"One Major Key to Vitality & Better Sex You May Be Overlooking (...and It's NOT What You Think!")
Founder of The Reshape Method™, Tracy helps professional women 40+ who are DONE with their stiff, achy, stuck-behind-screens bodies and are ready to get in shape, feel pain-free, and age well without the sweat, strain, or time-suck of traditional exercise. Her mission is to empower women to take charge of their changing peri- and post-menopausal bodies so that they have the confidence, strength and energy to focus on their work and life goals - and to age audaciously. 

Jacqueline Taylor, Certified Face Yoga and Facial Gua Sha Instructor and Aesthetician

"The 5-Minute Face Lift -- Without a Knife and Needles!"
Jacki started out her career as a beauty/body therapist and cosmetologist at London's esteemed Selfridge's. After a long journey of weight loss and a deep dive into alternative therapies that turned her own life and health around, Jacki changed her life - and her face - using the very techniques of Facial Yoga and Gua Sha that she teaches today. With her program, "In the Glow Face Yoga," Jacki is realizing her passion to share her expertise and teach women worldwide to combat the signs of aging without invasive procedures so that they love who they see in the mirror.
Michelle Newman, CEO/Founder The New Mid Academy/Podcast
"Starting Something New: You Are Not Done!"
With over two decades of experience researching, studying, and guiding women through the mid-life process, Michelle is known for her ability to compassionately identify their specific challenges and help them create lasting transformation. Through her academy and one-on-one coaching, she’s served an international clientele and helped hundreds of women achieve their desired results including: career transitions, losing weight, achieving promotions, and multiplying their overall happiness and fulfillment.
How long are you going to allow life to march on, settling for diminished energy, loss of vitality, throwing up your hands, saying, "guess that's just how it is" -- ??
Join us for the 4 hours that could change your life!

Listen to AND SPEAK WITH the leaders in the industry to REVIVE your vitality and THRIVE!

Leave with the "User's Manual" that puts YOU in charge of your hormones, mindset, gut health, posture & alignment, conquering fatigue, aches & pains, overall happiness & fulfillment, and optimizing your body - FOREVER!

FREE One-Day Only Virtual Summit

 3 Reasons Why This Event Is Something Different from Anything You've Ever Attended Before:

We’ve all gone to those events that are either pre-recorded or in-person talking heads, slides and PowerPoint presentations, and sales being disguised as education. WELL, THIS IS NOT THAT OLD, STALE EVENT! Thrive+Revive! The Vitality Summit is so much more! Here's what makes the Summit different from all of the other events you've been attending (or sleeping through) - and why it's so vital to make the effort to attend in person! 


You may be used to coming to these big events and you sit through pitch after pitch with people desperately trying to sell you something. And it’s boring! (I HATE these events, don’t you?) 

Not our event! Our Holistic Wellness Professionals and Experts we’ve assembled for you are passionate about education as the cornerstone for taking control of your health journey once and for all. This is absolutely all about education! Period! Come and learn. Ask questions. Leave the sales for some other person’s event! 

We could charge up to $3,000 for this kind of access to these experts - up to $5,000 if you include the "User's Manual" we're compiling as our gift. But it’s FREE TO ATTEND! $0! And for the morning of April 25th, you have 4 hours of access to this Holistic Collaborative -- FREE!


"Holistic Wellness" is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, organic approach that integrates many views, modalities, and considers many opinions. Although everyone that is speaking at the Summit is a holistic wellness expert, they all take different views on the same issues. Attending the entire Summit and taking in the views of all of these professionals there and passionate about teaching and educating will provide you with the best possible holistic viewpoint and deep dive into your particular issues and questions. 

We invite you to make the most of your time by hearing all the speakers’ presentations and forming your own opinions and getting your burning questions answered – during the presentations AND afterward at the end of the event at the Forum. Ask your burning questions. Get answers and solutions for wellness roadblocks that have hampered your ability to have the life and the “Second Act” that you’ve been craving for so long! 


When you leave the Summit, you will be sent an attendee-only provided private link to an interactive PDF that gives you:
   - all of the notes of the day;
   - a directory of how to get in touch with the experts to take a deeper dive;
   - access to special discount links to ThriveMarket and other savings;
   - summit attendee-only special deals to help you to jump-start your next chapter in your journey the way that you deserve: informed and armed with the education and information so often missing today for women 40+!

Come for the education and Q&A
- stay for the PRIZES!!

We're giving away an amazing prize at the event as well!

Our corporate sponsor, ThriveMarket, is giving one lucky Summit attendee an annual membership to ThriveMarket, the world's premiere discount organic online retailer PLUS a month of FREE GROCERIES!

So, what's the catch?
Simple - you just have to be there LIVE at the event when your name is drawn! 


 Don't Delay! Seating Is Limited for This One-Day-Only Event!

April 25th | 8 am - 12 Pm   pST*
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
 * And if you can't join us during the live hours of the summit, replays will be made available only to registered attendees.
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